1. I’ve mentioned these before… but this one in particular brings me great pleasure! (yeah, yeah a bit of a wierd saddo)


    4 Pink Pearl erasers, 4 pencil erasers, 2 finger sponges. 

  2. Spine design of the day. (Handbound copies just came in!)

    320 pages hardback with trimmed flush edges. Cover prints 5 colours with a spot UV varnish. Stuffed with LOADS of goodies inside! 

  3. Zut alors! Still looks as as fresh as the day it was first published in 1953 http://www.typerider.be/club-francais-du-livre/

  4. E is for Exiles.

    New edition of Koudelka’s long out print classic coming this September….


    If you are lucky enough to be near Chicago go see some of the prints. http://www.artic.edu/exhibition/josef-koudelka-nationality-doubtful

  6. Another cover design approved!

    Textured/embossed paperback cover printed in two special inks, plus a matt laminated half jacket.

    The book is due out in 2015 and will bring a smile to the lips - plus an intense yearning to trawl eBay and second-hand camera shops - perfect for analogue camera lovers and geeks!

    Hundreds of vintage, customised and rare camera makes, models and lenses all captured and meticulously identified.

    A careful selection of street fashion photographs taken on the fly, with the camera as the star, taken by the man who did it first and the man who does it best - the sartorialist of the camera world John Sypal.

  7. strange devices resembling TV antennae are mounted on roofs in tibet to entangle passing ghosts http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2014/rayjohnson/

  8. Loving these from Nathalie du Pasquier and Alice Fiorilli http://www.nathaliedupasquier.com 

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